The second Healthy Lifestyle Network Europe project meeting took place on June 18-20th, 2024, in Lisbon. Partners from eight European Više
One of the largest global studies, examining the prevalence of undernutrition and obesity—two opposing nutritional states linked to increased health Više
During the annual meeting of the ARISE-NUTRINT consortium, our Center's associates, Dr. Darinka Korovljev and Marijana Ranisavljev, actively participated in Više
The kick-off meeting for the Healthy Lifestyle Network Europe project, funded by the European Commission, was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Više
WHO/Europe has recently launched an updated version of CLIMAQ-H, a robust software tool for countries in the WHO European Region, Više
We kindly invite you to the Climate Change and Health International Conference organized by the Preventive Medical Sciences Committee of Više
Our Center has been part of a consortium of nine different institutions from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain Više
Our members dr Darinka Korovljev and dr Jelena Helen Cvejić participated in the First International Conference Defining the Traditional Mediterranean Više
CHESS team continues to work on raising awareness of the importance of educating medical personnel about the impact of climate Više