We kindly invite you to the Climate Change and Health International Conference organized by the Preventive Medical Sciences Committee of Više
Our Center has been part of a consortium of nine different institutions from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain Više
Our members dr Darinka Korovljev and dr Jelena Helen Cvejić participated in the First International Conference Defining the Traditional Mediterranean Više
CHESS team continues to work on raising awareness of the importance of educating medical personnel about the impact of climate Više
Congratulations to our CLIMATEMED project team members, Valdemar Štajer and Nikola Todorović, who cycled all the way from Novi Sad Više
Our CLIMATEMED third Transnational Meeting and First Multiplier Event in Targu Mures, in Romania, about the health effects of climate Više
As part of the ERASMUS+ project CLIMATEMED, we organized new World Café workshop with students of the University of Novi Više
NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) published another important research! For this study, data from 2,325 population-based studies, with measurements of Više
A few days ago, we signed a cooperation agreement with the world's leading organization in exercise oncology the Maple Tree Više