Last week, we met our partners from CLIMATEMED project in Budapest. This important meeting addressed the project activities during the Više
Université Côte d’Azur is a place of the 17th annual meeting and 11th conference of HEPA Europe. The conference is jointly Više
The health risks associated with moderate alcohol consumption continue to be debated. Small amounts of alcohol might lower the risk Više
Unprecedented. Frightening. Apocalyptic. These are just some of the adjectives used in news reports as vast swathes of the WHO Više
Climate change is currently responsible for global weather extremes, and these weather extremes could contribute to changes in the pattern Više
Obesity is a key risk factor for many non-infectious (chronic) diseases (NCDs). Overweight and obesity affect almost 60% of adults Više
Life expectancy at the age of 70 continues to grow globally, mainly due to the reduction of chronic diseases. A Više
Good news from Brussels! The CLIMATEMED project, in which the associates of our center participate, has been accepted by the Više
During 2021, many of us continued to adjust to the new normality. As for food and nutrition, according to a Više