Center for Health SciencesCreating society of knowledge through supreme education and research

CORE PRINCIPLESExcellence. Integrity. Innovation. Inquisitiveness.

  • Education

    Empowering people with straightforward information to make healthier lifestyle choices and uphold global health

  • Research

    Advancing the insight between public health, nutrition and exercise through molecule-to-organism-to-community approaches

  • Service

    Dissemination of knowledge out of the classroom – from scientific journals to public media and social networks


Improving every-day dietary habits to target individual and global health across lifespan

Public health

Creating evidence for better populational health, and advanced health policies

Physical activity

Understanding links between sedentary behaviour, exercise and wellbeing


Focusing on ties between people and environment for health and sustainability

Projects and initiativesFrom COSI to GBD

We are active partners of the WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI), a unique system that for over 10 years has measured trends in overweight and obesity among primary school aged children. More details are available at WHO web page


Thinness affects one in ten Serbian school children aged 6–8 years.


DISSEMINATIONCHESS papers in sci journals


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