Obesity is a key risk factor for many non-infectious (chronic) diseases (NCDs). Overweight and obesity affect almost 60% of adults Više
Life expectancy at the age of 70 continues to grow globally, mainly due to the reduction of chronic diseases. A Više
Good news from Brussels! The CLIMATEMED project, in which the associates of our center participate, has been accepted by the Više
During 2021, many of us continued to adjust to the new normality. As for food and nutrition, according to a Više
COVID-19 and climate change have exacerbated the problem of inadequate nutrition in all its forms and threatened the sustainability and Više
Parents are important factors in change and support for healthy growth and development during childhood. However, numerous studies have shown Više
A few days ago, a special issue of the scientific journal Obesity Reviews was published, probably the world's most prestigious Više
As in previous years, the associate of our Center prof. Dr. Sergej M. Ostojić was among the 2% of the Više
A few days ago, the World Health Organization called on decision-makers from the health, sports, education and transportation sectors to Više