Nourishment and nutrition of children in Serbia

Good news from the editorial board of the scientific journal Frontiers in Public Health! The work of a group of associates of our Center on Child Nutrition in Serbia has just been accepted for publication in this prestigious international journal. In a sample of more than 3,000 boys and girls of preschool and primary school age, our researchers pointed to important patterns of behavior related to the diet of this vulnerable population. Among other things, it was noticed that children who do not eat breakfast have a 35% higher risk of obesity and children who often drink nutritionally poor drinks (eg carbonated drinks and juices) have twice the risk of malnutrition – 32% higher risk of obesity and 39% higher risk of malnutrition! Our study for the first time provides this important information about children from our area, using a comparative methodology and providing a basis for policy making in the field of public health when it comes to promoting healthy eating in children. The entire article is available at the following link.