Professor Ostojic is on the Stanford list again

As in previous years, the associate of our Center prof. Dr. Sergej M. Ostojić was among the 2% of the world’s most cited scientists on the current Stanford list published in mid-October. This year, Professor Ostojić is among the ten most influential and best ranked scientists from Serbia on the list for his entire career, and also on the seventh place of the most influential scientists from Serbia on the special list for 2020. The best placed scientist from Serbia on both lists is Academician Ivan Gutman. The world’s most influential scientist for 2020 is Zhong Wang Lin (Georgia Institute of Technology) and for his entire career Michael Grätzel (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). The complete lists can be viewed at the following link, and a more detailed news was reported by the daily Danas.